Travel, leisure and entertainment

Introduce your tourism and entertainment business to low code. Gain the agility you need by transforming your existing systems to stay ahead of the competition and strengthen your workflows with Kuika.
Sağlık ve Eczacılık için Kuika Low-code platformunu kullanın

Transform your business in tourism with innovative apps and platforms

New technologies continue to transform virtually every aspect of the tourism industry as it leads the way in digital transformation. Empowering businesses in travel, leisure, and entertainment improves their workflows exceptionally. If you don’t know how to start or enhance your transformation, just check out Kuika’s features.

Low-code applications and portals built with Kuika bring about an effective and efficient, end-to-end digital transformation for travel, leisure and entertainment businesses.

Digitized Customer Portals for Self-Service

Digitized customer portals for self-service

Agile and Practical Online Services

Agile and practical online services

Robust and Secure Apps & Platform

Robust and secure apps & platform

Digitized Customer Portals for Self-Service

Digitized customer portals for self-service

Potential customers in the tourism industry are opting for self-service alternatives. According to statistics, 82% of all travel bookings are made online via a mobile app or website entirely without human interaction.

So companies that operate in travel, leisure and entertainment have earned higher revenue if they have already started their digital transformation. Good news: It’s not late if you haven’t started yet.

You can create your own apps and platforms to offer a seamless experience for your audience not only before and during but also after booking. With Kuika, quickly start using your mobile apps, chatbots, booking and communication platforms, and more.

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Agile and Practical Online Services

Agile and practical online services

Travel, leisure and entertainment companies need to deal with various tasks simultaneously, such as giving information, getting online payments, answering questions, last-minute changes in schedules, etc.

Travel, leisure and entertainment include food and drinks, hotels, museums, movie theaters, and more. Each comes with its own unique requirements.

It would be inefficient to handle all of these manually, and it might require a lot of effort and a big budget to use a solution provider. Also, you may need different solutions, which makes it complicated for users and your employees.

Instead, designing a platform specific to your needs will improve your business incredibly. With Kuika, just decide on the features you need and start using your app in a few weeks.

- Help your customers save time and free them from the hassle of having to visit many pages separately.
- Inform them of your new offers and any changes to their plans immediately.
- Keep better track of their records and ensure that they are up-to-date.
- Make it easier for them to access your services from anywhere in the world.

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Robust and Secure Apps & Platforms

Robust and secure apps & platforms

People seek trustworthiness while buying online or sharing their personal information online. Your old-school platforms or tools may fail to give them the trust they want. All you need is a robust infrastructure.

You must protect sensitive data, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide users with access to essential services.

At the same time, they must also operate within tight budget constraints. As a result, many travel, leisure and entertainment businesses are turning to modernized IT infrastructure solutions. Effective IT infrastructure can help businesses meet these challenges head-on.

Improve efficiency, communication, and security by investing in the latest tech tools and platforms

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