Frequently Asked Question

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Which types of applications can be made using Kuika?

You can easily build form based mobile native and web applications . Also, you can build B2B and B2C applications.

Is it possible to make responsive applications?

By using our platform, you can create responsive web pages. In addition, you can build mobile native applications.

Can we get the source code of our screens?

Yes. You can get the source code of the screens that are generated by Kuika.

Which programming languages can Kuika generate?

You can export Kotlin code for Android and Swift.UI code for iOS.

Is Login or Database functionality available on Kuika?

Yes! Login or Database functionality is available on Kuika by default.

Can I submit the apps that are developed on Kuika to the Google Play Store and App Store?

You can submit the apps that you developed on Kuika to the Google Play Store or App Store. During the App Store submission, you will need a developer account. We will guide you through the entire process.

Do we need to know any programming language for using Kuika platform?

You can develop 90% of the applications with only SQL knowledge. Some extreme cases may need coding knowledge and we are always ready for support.

Can Kuika integrate with different types of software systems?

Yes. You can integrate your existing ERP, CRM or other software via APIs or direct database connection

Is it safe to use Kuika platform?

Yes. All of the stages of development are being executed with latest security protocols.

Do you have templates that are built on Kuika?

Yes, we have many templates such as B2B, Field Services, InnovationApp, and Textile Applications that are built on Kuika.

How fast can I build an application?

You can consider the answer as days/weeks, not months depending on the software.

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