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Thanks to Kuika, any analyst or software developer in our company can create their own interface by drag-and-dropping our own components, and instantly get Reacjt.Js code. This provided invaluable speed for us!
Erbuğ Kaya
Head of UI/UX Teams - Intertech
Kuika brings significant software power & speed to our team, like the magic potion of Asterix or the scene in the movie Matrix where you learn KungFu suddenly. A Kuika user who knows the business process, gains software capability, to innovate fast.
İbrahim Buket
Group Information Technologies Manager - Sun Group
Instead of waiting months for web or mobile applications to go live for solutions that will improve business processes, you can now prepare and test applications in a few days thanks to Kuika. Kuika is an incredible tool for productivity in software.
Emre Demir
General Manager - System Optima
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