Drag and drop in-house components, and turn designs into apps in minutes instead of hours.

Take advantage to connect them with your API's to deliver faster.

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Design and prototype your web / mobile apps, in minutes!

Drag & drop your own components, and generate code snippets

Swift UI

Use your private components

Immediately define your React.Js or Angular based web components and start designing your screens by dragging them. Collaborate in real-time with designers and developers.


Be sure that the developed code looks like 100% same as the design.

Describe your UI logic while designing

Include navigations for a realistic prototyping. Define conditional visibility and editability for a complete look and feel.

Boost your productivity with collaboration

Collaborate with your team by sharing your design. Define and use your workflow for an approval process. Increase team interaction with component-based comments.

What our customers say about Kuika
Kuika has made our development fast and enjoyable. We can «Kuikly» develop our application without layers of communication.

Front-end Engineer
Kuika is an incredible tool that allows everyone to build and validate any idea in a few days instead of waiting months.

Project Manager
This is one of the best business analyst tools, I've ever seen! It helps enterprises to build better applications.

Business Analyst
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