KuikaBoost converts Sketch designs into code in minutes!

From Sketch design to HTML5/CSS , React, Angular, VueJs elements such as shapes, labels or images into components. No more wasting time or data entry.  Boost your productivity now!

KuikaBuilder: Quick Application Development Platform

With KuikaBuilder, you can quickly and easily develop web / mobile applications and make a Digital Transformation impact.


Manage your After Sales Service
end to end.

Call, Notification, Failure Record, Work Order and Tracking, Recipe Detail Serial Based Warranty Tracking, Spare Parts Offer and Order

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Kuika İş Uygulamaları - Satış Sonrası Servis Uygulaması


Create Another order channel with B2B

Field Sales Management, Dealer Management, Products and Inventories, Order and Payment Methods, Integration with Accounting Software

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Kuika Builder İş Uygulamaları - B2B


With business-specific applications
Move Staff to Digital.

Travel Request and Cost Entry, Meeting Room Reservation, I Have an Idea, Internal Directory, Staff Service, What’s for Lunch?

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Kuika Builder İş Uygulamaları : Dijital Çalışan Uygulamaları

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