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All-in-one low-code platform for:
Web and Native Mobile Apps, Scheduled Jobs, BPM, & more.

Create enterprise-ready apps

Accelerate your company's digital journey. Expand your existing systems without additional IT costs.

Build once, Run anywhere

Use the app you created on all devices. Publish your web, iOS and Android Native apps quickly.

Connect to anything

Connect to SAP, API or MSSQL data sources. Build more powerful apps with useful features and integrations.

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Application development platform for all scales


Develop and add scalable, performance and secure enterprise applications to your systems in a short time.

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IT Leader

Launch digital solutions with a modern application platform, expand into new markets.

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Develop platform and device independent applications.

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Reduce team and development costs to bring great business idea to life. Quickly develop your dream app, from MVP to ready-to-release.

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Explore our low-code platform

Design screen with 80+ elements
Quickly design screens with more than 80 ready-to-use elements. Change style according to your needs.
Create or connect data sources
Extend data sources with SQL, APIs, or C#.
Workflow [COMING SOON]
Easily develop applications with business processes. Define custom screens, components, and workflows
Create notification templates
Publish Instantly
Publish your web or mobile app now. Publish on a per-environment basis with different configuration settings.
Schedule reports and notifications [COMING SOON]

Made with Kuika


“We, at Izzymobility, are moving fast in the highly competitive market of the mobility industry. With the Kuika platform we are now building our digital one-stop shop at the speed of light. Great code for great customer experience is what you gain when using Kuika.”

Albert Gabay

CEO of Izzymobility

Choosing to develop a project remotely it’s not an easy choice, but choosing Kuika has been the best that could ever happen to our project. With the Kuika platform, they have the capacity to react quickly and present advancements in real time. The Kuika team is also part of the success, they know how to work remotely as a reliable team with all the capacity needed.

Riccardo Marraccini
CEO of MovoO

“Instead of waiting months for web or mobile applications to go live for solutions that will improve business processes, you can now prepare and test applications in a few days thanks to Kuika. Kuika is an incredible tool for productivity in software.”

Emre Demir
GM of SystemOptima


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