Manage your cases in a dynamic way

Bring your teams, processes and information together to orchestrate complex work
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Boost Productivity while Cutting Operational Costs

Boost productivity while cutting operational costs

Develop, monitor, and improve tailor-made case management applications faster than ever. Assist your experts in solving complex problems that require input from multiple sources in order to resolve them effectively. Automate processes and add structure to improve productivity.

Get Faster Case Results

Get faster case results

Follow cases from opening to closing with documentation and notes. Integrate internal and external systems to break down data silos.  Your cases will be approved as quickly as possible with automated business rules that match the right task to the right approver.

Facilitate Cross-team Communication

Facilitate cross-team communication

Reduce the workload by prioritizing the most critical cases. If necessary, assign tasks to other members of the team. Easily collaborate between team members or departments by seeing the current status of shared work.

Optimize compliance and minimize risk

Compliance is a challenging task. Audits, reporting, new regulations, and data restrictions change continuously. With Kuika, you can trace all business transactions related to a case for easy audits and automate compliance processes to avoid fines.

Maintain and improve business processes

Analyze application data to get insight into service level agreements (SLAs), performance, and workloads within the team. Utilizing this data, you can refocus resources and improve business processes for maximum performance.

Quick Integrations

Quick integrations

It doesn't matter if you are integrating with an existing or new system, Kuika makes it easy. Developers can simply implement an integration component. In this way, they will not need to write custom code over and over. Result: Faster and seamless projects.

Stay on Top of Mobile Trends

Stay on top of mobile trends

It can be a challenge for mobile app developers to keep up with the constant changes in mobile features. And, Kuika is here to help you navigate the rapid change.

Our regular support for the latest mobile operating systems covers:

- Platform-independent UI library
- The ultimate in pixel perfection
- Built-in capabilities for native devices

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