Personalize processes with low code to deliver advanced individual solutions to your customers. Adapt quickly to changes in your industry and improve customer experience with cutting-edge products.
Sağlık ve Eczacılık için Kuika Low-code platformunu kullanın

Digital transformation made easy for insurance companies

Insurance companies need to speed up their digital transformation process to offer better service to their  customers and boost the output of their work. Thanks to low code's unique opportunities, update and upgrade your current systems or build new customized ones effortlessly.

With the low-code portal Kuika provides, companies in the insurance industry can optimize their digital transformation process.

Opportunity to modify IT products

Opportunity to modify
IT products

Automate underwriting and claims-management

Automate underwriting and claims-management

Orchestrate omnichannel products for a better experience

Orchestrate omnichannel products for a better experience

Easy adjustment to rapid changes in the industry

Easy adjustment to rapid changes in the industry

Personalize insurance services and products

Personalize insurance services and products

Opportunity To Modify IT Products

Opportunity to modify IT products

IT teams at insurance companies lack the resources to build solutions from scratch and maintain them. It costs a lot to hire an advanced team of in-house programmers, after all.

That is why third-party IT services are popular in the insurance industry. However, every insurance company focuses on something unique. So, there isn’t a single solution that is fit for all.

With low-code platforms, every IT product can be tailored to IT products without advanced coding know-how. Leverage your service for better user experience and customer satisfaction.

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Automate Underwriting and Claims-management

Automate underwriting and

Handling the underwriting and claims-management processes is a big liability for insurers. Insurance companies may spend too much time on these tasks when done manually. In the digital age, it's a must to automate underwriting and claims-management processes for agility and efficiency.

These originally tedious and time-consuming tasks can now be automated with no hassle, thanks to low-code solutions by Kuika. With process automation, no more wasting time on manual tasks.

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Orchestrate Omnichannel Products For A Better Experience

Orchestrate omnichannel products for a better experience

To make it in the insurance industry, it is crucial to have a competitive edge over your opponents. You can do that by providing a smooth experience to your customers with state-of-the-art digital products that they can utilize.

It takes a lot of time and resources to build advanced digital products to help insurance companies retain customers. That’s where low-code solutions come in. Through low-code portals, create individual digital solutions and orchestrate them for a better customer experience.

Easy Adjustment To Rapid Changes In The Industry

Easy adjustment to rapid changes in the industry

The environment that surrounds insurance companies changes rapidly. It is imperative to keep up with the constant alterations to provide the best service possible, whatever the current situation is.

Kuika makes it easier than ever before to deliver adaptable solutions in an incredibly short timeframe. App or portal development addressing specific needs that used to take weeks can be completed in just a few days with low code.

Personalize Insurance Services And Products

Personalize insurance services and products

Personalized products provide great value in the insurance industry. Insurers should double down on implementing personalized elements into their products and services.

Personalized products enable insurers to offer different policies based on customer behavior. Insurance companies can implement that by using low-code platforms. Make it easy to build useful data analysis tools, and create optimal policies for each unique customer!

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