The Kuika
Low-Code Platform

Web and Native Mobile Apps, Scheduled Jobs, BPM, & more.

You draw the UI, Kuika codes the rest!


Quickly complete your screen design with 80+ ready-to-use elements.


Edit the styles of the screen and elements to match the concept design.

Let your app speak the same language as its users.


Adjust screen settings and elements according to your needs. Add functions with actions.

Enhance your application with data sources

Ready-to-use database

Develop your application with native Kuika ManagedDB without the need for an additional database installation.

Connect MSSQL database

Connect your own MSSQL database, use on-premises data in your new application as well.

Connect APIs

Expand application resources with Swagger and Open API connections.


Use C# editor for custom functions

API Management [COMING SOON]

Turn the application you developed in Kuika into a data source for other applications.

Add powerful features

Workflow [COMING SOON]
Easily develop applications using existing business processes” Remove “Empower with entitlements..."
Notification Templates
Prepare the templates for SMS and Email notifications that you will send to the users of the application with drag and drop. Get started with one of the dozens of ready-to-use templates for SMS and Email notifications
Scheduled Job [COMING SOON]
Add scheduled tasks, such as Excel or PDF reports at specific times

You are ready!

Publish responsive web app

Add different configurations for test, beta and live environments and launch the application with one click.

iOS and Android Native

Upgrade to TestFlight with one click. Your .APK files are directly in your inbox.


Simplicity Meets High Performance

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