Microsoft Power Apps Alternatives

Build custom business applications from scratch with low-code development platforms. Explore alternatives to Microsoft's Power Apps, figure out your needs.
Microsoft Power Apps Alternatives

Many low-code platforms are available if you are looking to build custom business applications from scratch. One of them is Microsoft Power Apps. Before jumping in, it may be worthwhile to research alternative options in order to determine whether they are a better fit for you. 

In this blog post, we will examine some of the leading competitors when it comes to developing and managing complex business applications rapidly and efficiently. This article is intended for those who already use Power Apps but have doubts, or are looking for a low-code platform that suits their needs

As a result of this comparison, you will be able to make an informed decision about which platform best meets your needs. Now let's get started.

What are Microsoft Power Apps alternatives?

Microsoft Power Apps is a low-code platform that provides an easy way to build custom business apps. However, there are other low-code platforms available as well that provide similar features. These include:

  • Mendix
  • Salesforce Lightning
  • OutSystems
  • Quickbase
  • Appian
  • Kissflow
  • AgilePoint NX
  • Kuika

Let's take a closer look at these alternative platforms.


Mendix offers a powerful platform for rapid development, customization and secure collaboration on web and mobile applications. It's a useful tool for businesses needing high productivity without sacrificing the ability to customize - though some users may find it not as intuitive as they'd like.

It is possible for business analysts, developers of any level of experience to develop applications with Mendix.

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning can make your business operations look like clockwork. As part of this platform, you can find an array of tools and services such as:

  • Enable you to build scalable cloud applications, and deploy them, 
  • Integrate external apps with it, and deploy them all seamlessly on a responsive layout.

You can automate across connected systems, connect external data sources, create custom pages, and streamline business processes in Salesforce Lightning. Using their comprehensive library of over 300 components and 500+ applications, you can maximize the potential of your CRM. 

Don't want to compare low-code platforms anymore? Here is your all-in-one solution: Kuika.


Low-code app development platform OutSystems enables enterprises to develop custom applications in a short timeframe. Modernization and automation are the primary uses of OutSystems. Aside from this, OutSystems enables non-IT professionals to create digital workflows and applications.

Due to its advanced features and higher price point than competitors, OutSystems is most popular with mid-sized companies and large enterprises. 


With Quickbase's visual modeling approach, you can easily design powerful applications and efficient workflows. Quickbase is equipped with a wide range of tools by default. It offers features such as:

  • Dashboards,
  • Continuous deployment,
  • Integration across your existing platforms,
  • And workflow automation, and more, are likely to be useful in your business process.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code platform for building, publishing, and accessing apps across multiple platforms. A quick way to build modern business applications is with Zoho Creator, a tool that combines intuitive, visual builders with readymade code blocks. 

  • It allows you to create custom forms, set up workflows, create pages, and deploy apps quickly.
  • Their Smart Import tool allows cluttered data to be converted into a unified and well-formatted database within a few minutes.
  • It is possible to automate all your workflows and data using Zoho Creator.
  • They also provide AI functionality that allows you to build smarter apps and make more informed decisions.


Appian is a unified low-code platform designed to accelerate workflows and automate tasks. Appian's capabilities include: 

  • Whether data is stored in an RDBMS, a cloud service, or a legacy system, you can connect to and act on it without migrating.
  • It offers numerous ready-to-use components for no-code development solutions. 
  • You can collaborate more effectively with the help of tools like document comparison, shared package linking, and group security.
  • You can utilize simple, visual drag-and-drop design tools to create intuitive interfaces.

Check out the low-code platform, Kuika to get expert support throughout the process.


Kissflow is an effective low-code platform for businesses looking to rapidly build custom applications that are natively integrated and flexible. Features such as:

  • Project management dashboards, 
  • Collaboration tools, 
  • A user-friendly connector with no coding requirements,
  • And deep insights/ reporting make this an invaluable addition to any business's operations.

AgilePoint NX

With AgilePoint NX, you can develop digital processes using low-to-no-code technology. Business and technical users alike can leverage a suite of tools to build everything from simple tasks to complex operations without traditional coding requirements. In AgilePoint NX:

  • 70+ connectors provide access to popular enterprise systems,
  • 700+ no-code activities offer endless configuration options using drag & drop functionality,
  • 65+ eForm controls enable custom interface designs for any business application. 


Kuika is an all-inclusive app development platform that makes modern software engineering easy and achievable for everyone. Kuika allows businesses of all industries and sizes the capability to create powerful applications with ease. 

With Kuika, you are empowered to acquire full control over your data and business operations without having a deep understanding of coding. It takes low-code platforms to the next level with its affordability and powerful features. Here are some examples of how Kuika achieves that:

  • You can build your small Android apps for free, while large app subscriptions come at a competitive price compared to other leading low-code solutions.
  • With drag-and-drop made easy, Kuika has what it takes to enhance work efficiency - freeing up time so you have more power over achieving success.
  • You can also benefit from 200+ screen templates, and 100+ email templates.
  • Plus, it provides expert assistance via the Academy portal at every step in the process.
  • It allows integration with many different systems, including MSSQL, SAP, SalesForce, Maps, and Excel.
  • You can develop applications for B2B and B2C audiences for all devices (iOS, Android, and Web).

Kuika makes software development accessible for everyone -literally everyone- with more than 80 pre-built UI components and the ability to create high-quality applications.

In short, with Kuika, get your perfect application crafted quickly-x20 speed enhancement- at an affordable cost.

Ready to transform your business operations or develop your own application in just a few weeks? Kuika's low-code platform is designed for success. Create custom applications with ease and tap into numerous built-in features, integrations, and resources - all at an unbeatable price point. 

Request a demo today so you can start seeing results in no time. 

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