Why Kuika’s Low-Code Platform to Build iOS, Android and Web Apps?

Using Kuika's low-code platform, you can build or improve your custom-made mobile application without the need for advanced knowledge of coding.
Why Kuika’s Low-Code Platform to Build iOS, Android and Web Apps?

Kuika is a low-code platform that lets you quickly build iOS, Android, and web apps from a spreadsheet. Kuika lets you focus on your data and business, not on code. You can use your apps developed with Kuika to track inventory, field assets, customer orders, employee timesheets, and more.

Kuika’s low-code platform gives you flexibility and speed, and it is affordable. The platform is free to use for small apps for Android. For larger apps, there is a subscription fee; however, it’s quite competitive compared to the prices of low-code platforms in the market, such as Mendix and OutSystems. With its easy drag-and-drop features, the low-code platform is here to make your work easier and empower your team.  

Best Features of Kuika

Kuika makes software development possible for everyone with more than 80 ready-to-use UI elements. You can create applications for all devices (iOS, Android, and Web). Kuika says, "build once, run anywhere." Create an application just the way you want it, high quality, at a low cost, in weeks.

200+ screen templates, 100+ email templates, and x20 up to speed enhancement… Moreover, you can benefit from the academy portal while using all these.

Let's take a closer look at the features offered by Kuika, which guarantees you these conveniences:

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