The Ultimate Goal of Any Business: Efficient Workflows

Low-code platforms support companies to reach their goal to simplify their business processes. Learn more.
The Ultimate Goal of Any Business: Efficient Workflows

With the rise of digitalization in the workplace, the understanding of business is quickly altering. Now, businesses need to deal with a higher volume of data like never before. The good news is the arrival of new technological tools and low-code platforms for businesses. They provide ample opportunities to improve productivity and worker satisfaction within these complex conditions.

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Why do you need easier workflows ?

There are two main reasons for making workflows easier. The first one is that tasks are getting complicated, and employees need more skills to perform well. And the second is the difficulty of employee retention with a rise in global opportunities for skilled employees. Therefore, you need to manage these two challenges well to maximize your productivity.

Workforce satisfaction becomes just as important as your customers’ satisfaction in today’s business world. A happy workforce is more motivated, and, in some cases, increased morale can improve productivity by 12%.

How can low-code help you ?

All these given conditions reveal why low-code platforms are on the rise. Companies in all industries simplify and automate their business processes with company-specific apps. The low-code platforms empower the companies to build these apps without an in-house developer team.

Keeping the main goal of businesses in mind, low-code turns into a precious ally by offering various advantages.

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It boosts productivity

Low-code allows any employee to create simple apps to simplify and automate tasks. Low-code also helps the non-technical staff have more involvement in software development thanks to its user-friendly nature.

The developers and IT professionals can increase the number of tasks they can complete in a single day or focus on optimization. As a result, low-code platforms have proven to be time-efficient and are widely considered at least 41-60% faster than traditional methods. They create a more inclusive team and promote teamwork.

It’s a great way to cut costs

Creating top-of-the-industry applications has never been more affordable, thanks to low-code development. In addition, less time spent on each project means fewer employee hours needed to get the job done.

Also, optimization and maintenance will be much easier. You will need the services of fewer people, so low-code enables companies to have smaller, more compact groups instead of relying on bigger teams or outsourcing. Last but not least, your low-code provider will always be there to support you when needed.

It provides a better user experience

Considering how much emphasis low-code puts into having a user-friendly interface for the developers, it is no surprise that the feeling of convenience transfers itself to the end product.

With low-code development, your employees can constantly and quickly improve their quality of life. This results in a more optimized and slick app design, and your users will surely appreciate it.

It helps the smaller businesses

While the bigger companies can have large teams of developers or outsource their workload, smaller businesses are rarely able to do so. Having a world-class application or website was a privilege only afforded to a few bigger companies.

Low-code development has already changed that. By lowering the cost of creating well-optimized, top-quality software, low-code platforms enable small business owners to have the applications of their dreams.

The features of low-code for employee satisfaction

Busy modern office space can be a chaotic, stressful place. Deadlines get closer every day, the work piles up, and the customers become more impatient. This is not a healthy environment for people to work in.

63% of workers throughout North America reported high levels of stress, fatigue, and a feeling out of control. Therefore, it should be in your company’s best interest to make your employees’ jobs easier to reduce stress and create a happier workplace.

No steep learning curve

The phrase “drag and drop” is all the introduction you need to the basics of low-code. It is so much easier than the other methods. In addition, low-code platforms have perfected the formula of software development so much that the coding knowledge required to use them is minimal.

While it is still challenging to master every aspect of a low-code platform, learning the fundamentals will be a breeze for most people.

Low risk means low stress

The fear of making mistakes can be a great source of stress for employees. Software developers using traditional methods have to skim through thousands and thousands of lines of code to avoid mistakes. Detecting and fixing a bug is even more of a hassle.  

Low-code empowers the developers to work in comfort without the fear of making a mistake that can spell disaster for their team. Moreover, even if they happen to make a mistake, it is much simpler to fix that given mistake on low-code platforms.  

It encourages creativity and flexibility

With no fear of making mistakes, developers who use a low-code platform are encouraged to experiment with new styles. Not only can they alter the structure of their apps, but they will also have more freedom in the visual aspects of their application thanks to low-code’s user-friendly nature.

Additionally, in a modern work environment, everything can change at the drop of a dime. Therefore, your needs and desires for a perfect application may vary from month to month. That's why it is always important to be flexible.

Key Takeaways

Low-code platform allows you and your employees to

  • Boost productivity,
  • Cut costs without compromising the end product,
  • Create more user-friendly software,
  • Be more flexible during the development process.

Here in Kuika, we can bring your plans to life. We offer simple, flexible, and fast solutions to your company’s software application needs. You can contact us using the forms fields on to learn more.

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