Why Low-Code is Essential for Digital Transformation

How do you stay up-to-date in your digital transformation if the technology is moving too fast? The answer is low-code development platforms.
Why Low-Code is Essential for Digital Transformation

Digitalization has caused a substantial shift in the business world by integrating digital technologies into workflows. Thanks to the use of digital and software tools, businesses can now effectively handle tasks that previously took days or hours in a matter of seconds. 

Digital transformation (DX) is of paramount importance for businesses not wanting to fall behind in the ever-evolving business world. Let’s explore what digital transformation is and how low-code development contributes to enterprises’ digital transformation strategies.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation can be defined as the integration of digital technologies into various business operations. It requires agility and the ability to adapt quickly to new developments. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) tools into media and content marketing operations can be given as an example of digital transformation. Although ChatGPT has been a revolutionary step and is currently being used by many teams, this should not stop companies from exploring the newer, better AI tools and developments available. 

The use of low-code development tools is also an example of digital transformation in the software industry. With the help of low-code and no-code platforms, businesses can automate their tasks and bypass the arduous hand-coding processes. This not only saves their time but also provides the agility required for staying competitive. 

A digital transformation strategy is a detailed road map that determines the process of integrating digital solutions in order to improve internal operations and deliver value to customers. Digital transformation strategies are divided into two categories: linear and exponential. 

  • Linear digital transformation refers to modernizing and improving current operations from within. For example, a retailer upgrading their distribution system is an example of linear transformation. 
  • Exponential digital transformation requires embracing digital technology for all internal and external processes; it transforms the business itself. A retailer creating an e-commerce site is an example of exponential digital transformation.

Why is digital transformation important?

Digital transformation is a must for a business to adopt new technologies that will enhance its productivity and competitiveness in an increasingly digital business environment. As companies integrate digital solutions into their workflows, they will also improve their customer interactions and services via digital channels, having less difficulty in meeting the evolving expectations of a tech-savvy consumer base.  

Digital transformation is also key for operational efficiency and agility, which will keep businesses ahead of the curve in fast-paced industries. Prone to unpredictable changes, constant adaptation to state-of-the-art technologies is of crucial importance in the software industry. 

Software developers now use various tools to streamline their work, and low-code platforms are only one of them. While low-code development simplifies and democratizes app development, it also allows for rapid creation with minimal coding. This both speeds up the development process and provides agility to the developer team, eliminating the hassle of hand-coding.

Key factors in building a successful digital transformation strategy

Digitalizing workflows is not only about making things quicker but also making them better and smarter. Here are some key aspects to consider when creating a digital transformation strategy.

Supporting the team with the right tools

A company should not rely fully on digital software but aim to support its talented team with them. Here, low-code development provides your team with room for creativity by easing the technical hassle of their workflow.

Providing easy access to data when needed

Having easy-to-get and up-to-date data is necessary for a successful digital transformation. Businesses should organize their data for easy company-wide use and update them regularly with clear rules and management. 

Strong change management

As fast-paced digitalization requires businesses to go beyond linear digital transformation, companies need to adopt new technologies with strong adaptation abilities. Low-code and no-code development helps businesses with acquiring such agility by supporting them when needed.

Impressive digital transformation cases

  • The sports footwear brand Nike is now building its own app to help its customers choose the right shoe by scanning their feet. The application not only helps customers choose their shoes but also provides the company with valuable insight into its future footwear projects.
  • The Danish toy company LEGO also implemented a company-wide tech-first approach and adopted an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for its logistics, sales, IT, and manufacturing operations. Such digital transformation rebounded the company from the brink of bankruptcy to a digital model that resulted in its further growth and success. 
  • Altur, a company that provides private vehicle and student shuttle services to corporate customers, chose Kuika to build its three applications, including a service-driver application, one service-parent application, and one service-admin app.

Speed up your digital transformation with Kuika’s low-code platform

Kuika’s low-code and no-code solutions can be game changers in your digital transformation strategy. Kuika’s low-code platform provides you with the tools to develop your software, so you don't need to be a coding guru to build powerful apps. It democratizes the development process by opening the door for more people to bring their ideas to life, without the heavy lifting traditional coding requires. 

Or else, you can opt for Kuika’s Turnkey Project, and get the experienced Kuika team to build your application in accordance with your wishes and requirements. Take a look at Kuika’s offers right now and sign up without losing any more time.

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