Unleashing the Power of Low-Code Integrated AI Functions

Low-code platforms have revolutionized software development by empowering developers to build powerful software with minimal coding.
Unleashing the Power of Low-Code Integrated AI Functions

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) functions into low-code platforms further simplifies the development process. 

In a previous blog post, we predicted that AI would be one of the trends in software development in 2023. We can now see that our predictions were accurate. 

Low-code's integration with AI is a journey full of advantages and further potential to discover.

Together, let's explore 

  • The power of low-code integrated AI functions and 
  • How they revolutionize software development. 

What is low-code integrated AI?

Low-code integrated AI is a way of incorporating AI functions into low-code platforms. In this way, you can just write commands to create or improve an application.

To get specific features on your app you may sometimes need to code, even with low code. However, if you don't want to spend time on this or if you don't know how to, your process will need further assistance. At this very moment, an AI-powered low-code platform will be your ally.

But the way AI can improve low-code development is not limited to coding. You can also create various kinds of content using AI such as images or SQL queries.

Later on, we will dive deeper into the functionality of this integration. But to start with, we can summarize the concept as the unity of two tech revolutions to make software development processes easier and faster.

For now, it continues to make software development accessible to everyone by integrating with low-code platforms. This means that for example, citizen developers, who may not have programming experience, can use these platforms to develop powerful applications.

Are you a citizen developer in need of a low-code platform to assist with software development? Look no further than Kuika.

The collaboration of low code and AI

Low code and AI are both groundbreaking innovations that can further increase their capabilities when integrated with each other. 

With AI integration, low-code development platforms can

  • Generate code more effectively and precisely than humans, reducing human error.
  • Optimize the development process.
  • Automate code testing and debugging. 
  • Increase productivity and reduce manual effort. 
  • Enable developers to integrate AI components, like machine learning models and natural language processing algorithms.
  • Allow businesses to use tailored AI capabilities without needing extensive coding knowledge.

This collaboration is necessary because

  • AI can accelerate adding the human input required to create intuitive and user-friendly applications. 
  • Low-code platforms offer greater customization and flexibility by using AI-generated content.
  • AI can't build industry-specific applications on its own and low-code platforms complete it. 

When AI and low-code platforms are integrated, they can significantly enhance the process of application development.

Low-code integrated AI functions

Here are some of the low-code integrated AI functions:

Writing code

Low-code platforms with AI tools can help you to write code more efficiently by suggesting code snippets and auto-generating code. This can significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to write code.

It also facilitates software development for citizen developers with little or no programming experience.

Adding image

Visuals play a significant role in engaging users and making your app stand out in a crowded market. Fortunately, the AI assistant makes this process easy for you. 

All you have to do is define the images you need while developing your app. Then choose and use one of the AI’s quick suggestions. 

This can save you a lot of time and effort in searching for and selecting images.

Creating data model

AI-integrated low-code platforms offer intelligent data modeling functions that can help you create data models much faster than doing so manually.

By using AI-powered functions, you can 

  • Quickly create tables and columns,
  • Identify relationships between data entities, 
  • Reduce data redundancy, 
  • Generate reports.

Preparing SQL Queries

It is necessary to prepare effective SQL queries, especially for extracting, saving, or deleting data from data tables. It can be difficult without an SQL expert or a developer.

Thanks to AI, you can complete this process in just two steps:

  • Tell the system what you need from the database. Define the query/script you need in AI-powered C# and SQL editors.
  • Then, the AI assistant quickly delivers your code.

In this way, non-experts can quickly create SQL queries without errors.

Kuika enables anyone to develop software by offering advanced features at affordable prices.

To sum up

In conclusion, the integration of AI functions into low-code platforms has revolutionized the way we approach software development. 

Integrating AI functions with low-code platforms can:

  • Significantly improve productivity, 
  • Reduce development time and effort, 
  • Make software development accessible to a broader range of users.

This integration also allows developers to focus on other aspects of the development process. Additionally, it democratizes software development.

Low-code integrated AI functions will shape the future of software development by ushering in a new era of innovative and efficient application building. 

Enter the world of software development with Kuika today and enjoy the latest technology with advanced features.

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