How Does Kuika's Turnkey Platform Help Startups Build Apps?

Turnkey software development solutions can save startups a lot of time and resources. With Kuika, can develop business apps without an in-house developer.
How Does Kuika's Turnkey Platform Help Startups Build Apps?

Let’s explore how Kuika's turnkey platform works step by step and why it's a great option for startups.

Step by step: Turnkey software development for startups

Starting a project can be daunting for startups without software development knowledge. This is where turnkey software development comes into play. From idea to launch, the development team takes care of all stages of the project. It can save startups a lot of time and resources. 

Kuika's turnkey platform provides startups with an all-in-one software development solution. You can develop business apps without an in-house developer with Kuika. So, you don’t need to invest significant resources in hiring a development team.

Let's take a closer look at how Kuika's turnkey development process works, step by step.


The journey with Kuika starts with a discovery phase. Starting a business involves a number of considerations such as:

  • Unique challenges, 
  • Goals, 
  • And requirements. 

All of these deserve attention. It is essential to understand your needs in order to create an ideal software product. It is therefore vital to have a discovery phase as part of a completely customized development process.


A successful project doesn't just happen. It includes shaping ideas. They are shaped by collaboration and careful planning. During a turnkey project at Kuika, developers and designers combine their expertise to create the ideal technical architecture. This way, every step will be part of a comprehensive action plan.

UI/UX design

Kuika's highly skilled developers craft custom-made apps from scratch, with special attention given to the users’ experience. The aim? To create an attractive user interface that guarantees satisfaction.

MVP development

Following the design phase, the stage of bringing your idea to life comes: MVP development. 


  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Enhance the feasibility of software development
  • Provide an opportunity for real users to provide feedback

You can use this feedback to improve future phases of development.

Typically, an MVP or prototype is the first stage that a startup encounters with potential customers. It provides an iterative development process that will ensure success as time progresses.


The development process does not consist of just one trial. It is important to use the MVP's feedback to improve the run. 

In the process of developing the newest version of your software, Kuika's experts use the knowledge gained from MVP to improve it. In this way, they can solve problems more effectively. As a result, your software will flourish and become more powerful.


To make sure your app works flawlessly, they don't just test once and forget. Instead, testing is an ongoing process. During each step, they gather real data to ensure any necessary changes are identified quickly.


It is crucial for startups to enter the market on time. Upon successfully passing the tests, your application comes to life just when you expected it to, and without straining your budget.


To ensure that your business apps and systems work without error, Kuika offers lifelong support. Also, you may need upgrades, and Kuika will take care of them all for you.

Why choose Kuika’s Turnkey Platform?

Why should you choose Kuika’s turnkey platform when building apps as a startup? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Kuika is a startup's perfect partner for app development. Its turnkey platform gives your startup a competitive advantage with productivity and speed.
  • Additionally, it provides user-friendly mobile apps tailored specifically to your individual needs for iOS, Android, or cross-platform.
  • As a result of the discovery and analysis stages at the beginning, they intelligently guide your development process.
  • Kuika’s team develops MVPs that fit your needs and improve them based on feedback. This provides a satisfaction guarantee.
  • In addition to supporting you throughout the development process, our team ensures everything goes smoothly afterward. It provides error-free usage of your app and keeps it safe.
  • On top of all this, their custom solutions are cost-effective - which can make a huge difference for those on tight budgets.

Striving to make your dreams come true with your startup? Kuika is the platform that can turn them into reality. Our flexible, streamlined service allows you to build business apps in a time-efficient way. If you want to learn more about how Kuika can support you on your startup journey, you can contact us for more information.

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