How To Boost Time to Market for Startups

Speed and time-management are crucial for an ever-developing market player. Luckily, Kuika's low-code platform is here to help your start-up become more agile.
How To Boost Time to Market for Startups

While the user behavior and tech to improve workflows are constantly evolving, you, as startups, need to be quick to launch your products. You cannot afford to wait long for them. Instead, you need immediate action.

Here, immediate means:

  • Before your competitors serve them
  • Before your audiences lose their interest

However, traditional ways to develop an app or portal can take months. That’s way too long for our Digital Age’s conditions. So now, companies and startups quickly responding are the winners.

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While agility becomes a determinant of success in today’s fast-running business environment, low-code comes out as a key solution as it shortens the time to market for startups. 

Kuika, as a low-code platform, enables startups and larger companies to create their products as MVPs (Minimum Viable Product). When they exclude the need for highly-skilled developers in the team, startups can build software quickly with creativity and productivity.

Low-code platforms revolutionize the software ecosystem

With the accelerated digitalization, needs are changing, and digital responses developed against these needs have begun to come to the fore. 

You can work with Kuika to find a place in the market and adapt to the new world order as quickly as possible.

Be the first and dominate the market

In today's world, the first startups to enter the market are much more successful in gaining a competitive advantage and developing their products. Waiting a long time for innovation means it is no longer an innovation.

Low-code platforms enable startups to enter the market much faster and at less cost. They turn innovative ideas into mobile and web apps easily and quickly.

Accelerate the app development

In sectors where competition is increasing day by day, even minutes provide an advantage or disadvantage against competitors. With low-code, you can build complex and full stack software 20X faster than traditional development.

Thanks to Kuika’s infrastructure, you do not have to code from scratch when turning your ideas into applications. Instead, the prebuilt components and features on the platform provide all necessary elements for applications.

MVPs allow a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least amount of effort. Launching your applications as MVPs allows you to easily and quickly redesign your application with the feedback you get from your users. 

As a result, you can gain a place in the market by reshaping your products according to users' needs. 

Reduce the cost of the developing process

When designing the first version of your application, you do not need to set up a team of software developers with different skills. Low-code allows you to focus on your application, bypassing processes such as recruitment, team coordination, and endless meetings. 

So you will reduce the fixed costs of your startup, as you need much fewer human resources to update and develop your application. This way, you can create an application that you can display in investor search processes at a much lower cost.

Design your application on the Kuika platform

We are the citizens of the new digital age. 

We all are pioneers. 

We are the citizen developers.

Kuika allows you to design the interface of your application with its drag-and-drop components. In addition to simple elements such as buttons, titles, and input fields, complex components such as data graphics and maps are also found in the system. After adding any of more than thirty components, you can change the component's appearance by clicking the brush icon on the right.

You can present your application to your users without needing any software knowledge to develop it. 

Your IT team can work on your software if you ever need it. You can add your own code to your application. In addition to that, Kuika can code innovative revenue models for you. By joining forces with Kuika, you can generate scalable code with the newest technology.

Kuika is not only a low-code platform but also a trusted partner with a highly skilled software developer team. If your company does not have a software team, Kuika is always with you with its own developer team. As your business partner, the platform assists you in technical matters whenever you need it. 

With its constantly updated content, you can closely follow the developments and changes in the market.

You can contact us to learn more about how to start using Kuika. Our experienced team will answer your questions immediately.

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