Low-Code Brings Agility To Enterprises

Constantly changing consumer expectations and inevitable digital transformation push entrepreneurs to adjust to changes quickly.
Low-Code Brings Agility To Enterprises

Constantly changing consumer expectations and inevitable digital transformation push entrepreneurs to adjust to changes quickly.

Old bulky systems are falling behind in current conditions, and companies are under a compulsion to update their systems. They need to build and operate new applications to accelerate and simplify business processes. That’s why business owners and IT teams choose to get support from low-code applications.

Low-code applications help organize workflows and automate business processes efficiently with minimum coding commands. Therefore, they can reach their goals with agility without building in-house developer teams.

What is enterprise agility ?

Enterprise agility is repatterning the workflows to create more value and respond quickly to the fast-changing conditions. It is possible through an overall digital transformation with a holistic perspective across the enterprise.

Establishing agility contributes to enterprises by bringing speed, flexibility, and stability. Consequently, you can build resilient and adaptable processes for operating workflows, reinforcing company culture, building teams, and setting strategies.

How does low-code help bring agility ?

New applications help you be agile, fulfilling your enterprise's specific needs. However, traditionally building these applications requires working with developers or 3rd party partners. So, you need to spare a high budget and a long time before you start using your app.

Your business may not handle the competition with this time-consuming workflow in today’s fast-changing dynamics. Therefore, you need to be faster than ever while working on a project for agility.

Low-code boosts your business by enabling building an app easily, economically, and, most importantly, quickly to bring agility.

Facilitate the digital transformation

Digital transformation is a huge process to be designed across the enterprise rather than digitizing the processes one by one. Old and heavy applications automate and simplify the workflows to an extent; however, they’re not sufficient to fulfill the digital age’s requirements.

And it’s not even possible for many enterprises to code all these digital systems manually as it’s expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, it’s not easy to modify the legacy systems when necessary.

Agility requires adaptability on time. However, when you always take the long path to adapt, the conditions will be different again once you adjust. Low-code application platforms boost the digital transformation by providing the digital agility needed.

These platforms allow you to build apps with less technical effort, so you’ll not need highly advanced-level developers. Furthermore, you can start operating your app quickly. In this way, you cut the cost for a developer team and the hardware required. If you need to update your app in time, you can do it easily by saving old versions.

Boost employee efficiency and engagement

The visual-based interfaces of low code platforms are so user-friendly that any employee with a basic understanding of technology can create and modify simple processes. In this way, they can deal with many small details without the help of IT.

This provides three significant advantages within the agility process: Firstly, your employees get more involved. They understand the digitized workflow and transformed system better as they also turn into tech creators. Engagement increases loyalty in an enterprise, which helps employee retention. Finally, this is a great opportunity to go agile as everybody in the team will be more connected, and you won’t need to train new employees all the time.

Secondly, IT will not need to work on small tasks. Instead, they can focus on more complex processes. You also don’t need to hire many IT professionals in this situation. And lastly, your app can grow naturally in parallel with the requirements of the current workflows. A well-structured low-code platform will enable you to scale your system whenever you need.

Increase productivity with automation

Business Process Automation (BPM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are the new normal for enterprises. When you use low-code platforms for automation, end-user productivity and enterprise productivity increase naturally.

Agility requires enhanced workflows with high efficiency. So, your business can gain the ability to react quickly and adapt to changing situations. Therefore, you need to get the full service from your employees to manage the processes rather than being busy with repetitive tasks.

Automating tasks using an efficient low-code platform saves time and money. Also, automation brings high efficiency and adaptability as you can manage all the business processes from one center. As a result, daily tasks get simpler, and errors caused by manual processes disappear. Employees gain time for more complicated tasks to create more value.

Key takeaways

Low-code platforms enable you to

  • Manage digital transformation process efficiently and quickly,
  • Boost the engagement of employees to scale up your business,
  • Increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks.

Enterprise agility becomes easier when you have a ready system enabling you to adapt to new situations. The ability to create applications needed for adaption provides you with resilient and sustainable workflows.

Also, your team members become more independent to deal with simple tasks and communicate better through a unique system across the enterprise. Therefore, your business gets the power of agility to grow consistently.

As the Kuika team, we act as your digital partner to overcome digital transformation challenges. Our low-code platform provides you with a user-friendly interface so that each employee can start using and creating the apps and automated tasks. So, they can contribute to enterprise agility without learning to code.

In addition to a ready-to-use platform, we also support you by outsourcing talents to build these apps. Our developer team is ready to work on your projects if you don’t have enough in-house employees to manage the process. You can contact us using the forms fields on kuika.com to learn more.

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