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It is the function that enables the creation of users that will be valid in the developed application.

A user is created with username, firstname and lastname parameters must be in e-mail format.

When a new user is created, an e-mail is sent to the e-mail address specified in the username for the user to determine the password and to confirm their e-mail address.

When the link from the e-mail is clicked, a new screen that allows the user to set the password opens. When the password is confirmed the new user also becomes a confirmed user.

Kuika makes a suggestion for the screen that will open when the link sent in the e-mail is clicked. If you want to customize this screen, you can create and customize the screen to change the password in the relevant project.

In order to indicate to Kuika that this is the screen that will open when the link is clicked on this screen, the "New Password Screen" screen role is selected in the Role property of the screen's properties panel. This action is mostly used by an application administrator to give other users access to that application. Unlike the Signup action, an e-mail is sent to the relevant user to create a password. The requesting user cannot start the process by himself.

The CreateUser action is accessible to everyone except logged in and authorized users.

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