Improve your field service operations through digital transformation

Field Service Apps Delivered Rapidly Across Multiple Channels

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Forget Operational Errors

Provide a hassle-free experience for customers with one-click purchases and deliveries on the same day. Kuika’s applications are intuitive, easy to use, and they empower field agents to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently.

Manage your work

Log incoming tickets from customers leverating multiple soruces such as call-centers, email, and other channels. Ensure all tickets are handled and replied, on time and accurately.

Manage your team

Measure your SLA's and manage your teams in a centralized way. View their location through geo localization features. Assign tickets to your field teams. View and respond to alerts in real time through notifications, centralized systems, and mobile apps.

Accurate Field Service Features

Using your mobile device camera, scan item barcodes, document discrepancies, check and manage warranty information. Instant billing and digital signatures

Achieve enhanced customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and agent involvement

The standard customer expects a hassle-free user experience with one-click purchases and delivery on the same day. Applications that are intuitive and easy to use enable your field agents to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently.

An All-in-One Field Service Platform

Effortlessly drive operations

Mobile and Integrated

Simple and Swift Updates

Real-time Visibility

End-to-end post-sales management

  • Check status of warranties using serial numbers
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Contract and SLA management

Modern and Easy

Instant Reporting

Easy Onboarding


Easy to Integrate

Web / Mobile / Smart Glasses

Improve Operations

Operation Excellency

Monitor you technical services teams, analyze and measure their performance and service levels.

Remote Support

Save money in travel costs

Provide remote support on-the-fly across multiple locations.

Machine Learning

  • Develop proprietary maintenance algorithms
  • Deploy automation workflows
  • Provide multi-language support

Improve your sales cycles

  • Coordinate post sales team visits
  • Capture new leads and automatically route them internally
  • Discover additional revenue opportunities


  • Develop and deploy a self-service, custom mobile app with your customers
  • Launch a branded, e-commerce channel for your clients
  • Allow your customers to submit tickets related to their specific products

Unleash the full potential of enterprise innovation

Take your business to the next level. Whether you need omnichannel customer experiences or core system modernization, Kuika has you covered.


Simplicity Meets High Performance

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