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of all new low-code clients will come from business buyers that are outside the IT organization by year-end 2025.

Agility is fundamental for providing the best service, and collaboration makes teams more agile.


of employees outside of IT customize or build data or technology solutions.

Build powerful mobile apps quickly. Create native Android/iOS apps much faster with easy-to-use our low-code solutions that work across all devices.

One of our customers in automotive industry supports business employees, as they build their own apps with Kuika. They enable business teams across company to build their own applications. So, they can maintain Team & Technology sustainability by using low-code to develop their solutions.

An enterprise with more than 500 employees desired to digitalize all their departments but they had limited developer resources. They wanted to create a corporate entrepreneurship to boost employees to innovate ideas. The citizen developers in this company learned to use Kuika in order to fulfill the software needs.

It is always an issue to standardize the training of employees for an enterprise company. A customer with this problem solved this issue by building an educational mobile application on Kuika. Now, they can reach all of their new employees via this application. They upload educational videos, share educational contents, make quizzes and also collect feedback from the employees.

A Software development company with more than 350 developers, aimed to align front-end developers with business analysts. They used Kuika to drag & drop their own components into a canvas to eliminate the alignment issue. Kuika increased collaboration between teams by linking documents into their projects, having an approval stage and tracking changes in the project. Also, they can export the front-end code on Kuika to boost their productivity.

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