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What's New in Kuika Platform?

What's New?

Kuika has released many exciting new features and keeps a fast pace in enhancing the capabilities of its rapid application development platform.  

Kuika Developers will enjoy the new designer and continuous app deployment capabilities which bring ease of use and speed in implementing digital applications.

Continuous App Delivery

Kuika works on many improvements to enable continuous delivery through Kuika platform. In the last releases Smoke Testing and generating and downloading App & Kuika infrastructure as one single package features have been added.

New Mobile and Web Components

New components to be used in mobile and web application front-end have been added to Toolbox and existing components have been enhanced with additional parameters or behaviors.

New Events and Behaviors

New events and behaviors like Page Navigation animations have been added to improve user experience of the generated mobile apps.

New Functions

Kuika Platform’s function repository grew with lots of functions that Kuika app developers will find handy. These functions are going to reduce the amount of time required otherwise.

New Messaging and Notification Features

Messaging and notifications are very important structures for the mobile applications. Kuika aims to offer features to make your applications as interactive and engaging as possible. New improvements enables to trace your messages and notifications.

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