Kuika Low-code Platform
Easy, Fast and Visual
Application Development Platform
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Kuika empowers both
business and professional developers to
Create competitive advantage
Create better software faster by using the prebuilt components and features on the platform.
Visual Development
Drag & Drop components and actions to create a cross platform app. Once finished, export code.
Analysts, designers and developers an collaborate with Kuika for cross-functional communication.
Single-Click Deployment
Kuika will check all of your dependencies and will drive you throught all deployment processes.
Mobile made Easy
A single design environment for all. Native mobile app. Access to device sensors. Export source code.
Extend the platform by developing your own actions integrating API’s or C# coding.
Combine actions, configure them to work conditionally, create workflows that drives your business
The value of Low-Code
Great software solutions create immense value for the business. They can help organizations generate new revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, mitigate risks, cut costs, and more. But constantly delivering solutions that make impact is hard.
of business and IT stakeholders agree that IT involvement adds value
of business and IT stakeholders say less than half of their IT ideas are implemented
of IT and business stakeholders agree that their organization would benefit from the capabilities offered by low-code platforms
new annual revenue delivered by a UK-based waste management company via an eCommerce portal built on low-code
Source : Digital Disconnect: A Study of business and IT Alignment in 2019
Kuika is a code generator.
Developers can export code snippets to use in their solutions,  while citizens can learn coding from the whole generated project.
The Kuika Way
Design your customer-facing good looking screens.
Define the behaviour of your application via prebuild actions or extend the platform developing your own actions.
Develop your data model on Kuika using SQL or use an existing one. Attach easilly a Swagger API or an Open API.
Kuika continuously checks your entire design and its dependencies for bugs to provide you a  list of refactoring suggestions.
An innovative idea comes from a department to boost productivity.
Create a database structure on Kuika. Boost your project speed with pre-built screens!
An employee/group of employees with minimum coding experience learns the fundamentals of Kuika.
Deploy your project on-premise and enjoy your end-to-end developed program!
Featured integrations to help your product team collaborate.
Take a Step to the Future
Join Kuika community to start building your own apps
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