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"New use case low-code platforms:
Build Custom Core Business Applications"
Forrester Research: When and how to modernize core applications using low-code platforms
Building Applications for the future
Build web or mobile apps, fast.
Prove your ideas, build your web or mobile apps and grow your business without starting from scratch. Empower both businesses and developers to make apps that provide value.
Simplify app development
It’s always expensive and difficult to maintain the sustainability of a software product when a company faces the inevitable churn. The capability to visually design your screens and workflows along with the simplicity of learning Kuika facilitates the turnover of the reponsibles.
Always state-of-the-art applications
Kuika continously extends its capabilities and feature set. The goal is to make sure we always have the knowhow of new things when you need it.
An agile all-in-one place software development team had a crowded backlog but their developer resources were limited. They used Kuika to clear their backlog and finish their end to end development projects efficiently!
Kuika can also be used as an internal end-to-end development tool. A company made many internal tools on Kuika to achieve digital transformation. All of their departments accomplished Digital transformation.
A high-security Production facility developed many softwares with different architectures and they could not maintain team and technology sustainability. They needed a platform to standardize their architecture on internal applications. Kuika was the solution to their need! They re-built their internal applications with Kuika and they are developing new modules with no compatibility issues.
Accelerate innovation with Kuika
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