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Welcome to Kuika

About Kuika

We started our journey in 2015 to democratize software development. Not just for some. For all businesses.

We are headquartered in San Francisco and obsessed with helping our
customers solve problems. Kuika’s easy-to-use platform enables users to
build apps rapidly for every form factor and for everyone.

We provide our platform as a software and turnkey solution as a service
to our customers.

Our Awesome Team

Board of Directors

Süreyya Ciliv - Founder and Chairman

Founder and Chairman Süreyya Ciliv, a well-known international ICT executive and software entrepreneur, brings over 30 years of experience to Kuika, serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. After a successful entrepreneurship experience at his Boston-based software company Novasoft, Mr. Ciliv has held international executive positions at Microsoft, and served as the CEO of Turkcell.  

Süreyya M. Ciliv
Founder and Chairman
Murat Ihlamur - Founder and Vice Chairman

Founded, and acted as Chairman and President, and sold Netsis Software Inc., well known Turkish ERP Software established in 90’s, expanded internationally and reached thousands of customers. 

Murat Ihlamur
Founder and Vice Chairman
Sadun Anik - Founder and Board Member

With rich R&D background in USA and Turkey as research scientist at HP Laboratories in Palo Alto USA on Programming Languages and Compiler technologies, held positions as Application Development Department Head at Garanti Bank, Solution Sales at Microsoft, Netsis and Logo Software. 

Sadun Anık, Ph.D.
Founder and Board Member

The Values We Live by


Customer Obsession
Meeting our customers’ expectations is the ultimate value that help us create innovative solutions. We work tirelessly to transform our customers goals into great achievements.

Hire and develop the best

Quality of our products and services are the one thing that we do not sacrifice. We choose the people that have the same passion for creating high-quality solutions and for meeting customer needs beyond their expectations.

Bias for action; Bias for Speed

Kuika values speed and getting results. We believe that Speed is the key for winning in the new world. We set our strategy and goals, decide the actions to take and move with speed to our goals.

Learn and be curious

Growth only comes with continuous learning. Curiosity helps us to improve our products, to implement new and innovative solutions and to be the technology strategy partner for our customers.


We value taking the full responsibility in everything we make. It is the ownership that enables us to create cuttind-edge technology, to deliver value-added solutions to our customers and to continuously improve our products to be better.

Invent and Simplify

Simplification is the rule for everything we make. We define the problem, create the solution, then continuously improve user experience so that everyone can use it intuitively.

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part of our team?
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Contact Us

Kuika Software


San Francisco, USA

315 Montgomery Street 9th Floor,San Francisco CA 94104, USA
+1 650 690-2844


İstanbul, Türkiye

Kültür Mah. Güzel Konutlar Sitesi, Körkadı Sokak 1F D:3 Ulus
+90 212 265 70 40

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