Why Should You Develop A Mobile App First?

Use Kuika's low-code development platform to quickly create a mobile app for your business; reach a wider audience, increase engagement and revenue.
Why Should You Develop A Mobile App First?

The rapid development of mobile technologies has caused a drastic shift in our daily lives. Especially for the last ten years, smartphones have become much more than just a means of communication; they are an integral part of our daily routines now. We use mobile applications to manage grocery shopping, financial transactions, music streaming, photo editing, and even learning a new language.

What is the importance of mobile apps?

The importance of mobile apps lies in their convenience and accessibility. If you think about it, the tasks that used to take hours before are now matters of seconds with mobile apps. As smartphones increasingly weaved into the fabric of our daily routines, mobile apps have also emerged as new tools for brands to increase their exposure. Companies that leverage this growing shift unlock the opportunity to reach and engage a broader audience through mobile applications. 

Especially in e-commerce, mobile apps have become the backbone of the industry since many people shop via mobile apps rather than websites. Furthermore, they offer the distinct advantage of direct communication with consumers through push notifications and emails, improving customer engagement and service immediacy. 

Finance is another sector where most of the minor transactions are conducted heavily on mobile devices. Via the mobile application of your bank, you can now transfer money to another person, apply for a loan, or invest your money in financial instruments. It is much more time-efficient than the traditional way of going to a bank branch or an exchange office!

As a result of the immense functionalities they provide, investing in mobile application development is almost compulsory for companies that aim to enhance their competitiveness and improve customer experience. Mobile apps are not valid only for several industries but they are vital components of any business, regardless of the scale or industry.

Why should you offer a mobile platform for your users?

In 2023, 257 billion apps were downloaded by users globally. So, if you own a business or a digital project that you want to grow, mobile platforms are the way to reach a wide audience from all over the world. But what does it take to build a seamlessly-operating mobile application? You might think the answer is “complex technical knowledge.” Actually, you don’t have to be a software developer to create an app. Low-code and no-code development tools like Kuika may be your companion while you make your ideas happen.

Kuika’s low-code development solution enables you to build complex applications with minimal coding knowledge, so you don’t have to be an expert in different coding languages and methods. But if you don’t have any knowledge or experience in software development, you can opt for no-code development, or a turnkey project. You just let Kuika’s developer team know about what you want and start offering your mobile apps no matter what the device is.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of mobile apps and how Kuika elevates these advantages to the next level.

Reach a wider audience

While the number of mobile users worldwide is projected to reach 7.49 billion in 2025, this proves that mobile apps are the best tools for reaching a vast audience with less effort. You should also know that low-code and no-code solutions contribute to the process by freeing you from any possible technical problems. In this way, you can manage your resources wisely and focus more on marketing and sales strategies to promote your company or project in the best way possible.

Increased engagement

Another benefit of developing a mobile app first is that you will likely see increased engagement from users. Mobile apps enable you to communicate with your customers directly and dynamically. As people are always checking their smartphones, this allows you to send notifications straight to the user's device–such as in-app messages or push alerts–containing important news and updates from your brand.  

Better user experience

Developing a mobile app allows you to create a better user experience for your users via the unique features of mobile devices, such as fingerprint and push notifications. Mobile apps also provide accessibility for everyone. They offer a distinct advantage for individuals with disabilities, as there are features that can be incorporated to improve accessibility. With Kuika, you can design user-friendly and all-inclusive mobile apps and improve your brand image and customer satisfaction.

Stand out from the competition

A carefully crafted application that functions seamlessly provides great appeal and is surely more appealing to new users. You can also gain an edge in today’s business world by outshining your competitors with a well-designed mobile app you developed via Kuika.

As Kuika, we have developed web, iOS, and Android apps for Altur, a company that provides private vehicle and student shuttle services to corporate customers. The three applications developed through Kuika, including a service-driver application, one service-parent application, and one service-admin app, set Altur apart from its competitors with its integrated and seamless operations.

Increased revenue

Businesses are increasingly turning to mobile apps as a way of capitalizing on market trends and maximizing profits. Kuika's low-code and no-code development tools grant you the agility you need to catch up with market trends and update faster than traditionally developed apps. Furthermore, people are more likely to make in-app purchases when using a mobile application than when using a website. Considering all the above, developing a mobile application can lead to significant revenue growth.

Key takeaways

  • Developing an app for mobile devices should be your first priority. 
  • By creating a mobile app, you can reach a wider audience as the number of mobile users continues to grow.
  • A well-designed mobile app can help your business outshine its competitors.
  • Creating a mobile app allows you to create a better user experience for your users, who may have disabilities that you can address in the design.

With Kuika’s low-code and turnkey development platforms, anyone can quickly and easily start using a high-quality mobile application that is compatible with all devices and app stores. Contact Kuika today to learn more about how their platform can help you create an exceptional mobile app for your business.

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