Software Productivity: Seize The Next Opportunity With Low-Code

What is software productivity? Why do you need it? How can low-code development platforms help? Kuika is here to help you beat the competition with innovation.
Software Productivity: Seize The Next Opportunity With Low-Code

Immediate response to the needs of your audience is essential in today’s quickly changing demands. There is no time to wait or even to develop. 

Efficient software development and test processes provide agility, speed, and precision for your new projects in these hectic business conditions. So, you can easily see the opportunities and seize them on time.

What is software productivity ?

Let’s start from the beginning to understand the contribution of productive software to your business clearly. 

Before today’s low-code platforms, we measured software productivity by inspecting lines of code per employee hours. However, as the development process has transformed drastically due to practical platforms for developing software, the measurement methods are different now. 

Accordingly, we are now looking at the ratio between the functional value of software and the labor and expense of producing it.

The main criteria to evaluate your software are the cost and time spent on the project and the value it creates for the business. Finally, it’s all about ROI, and your investment should be providing a meaningful return. Software productivity refers to knowing this return. 

You get more insight into the project when you know how productive your software is. So you will know which steps to improve or maintain - or even remove if possible. A software development process requires continuous review to reach even higher productivity in time.

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How does low-code foster your upcoming projects ?

The arrival of low-code in software development has reshaped the business world. It has improved projects and even made it possible for small businesses to compete in their markets. 

Until the last decade, the companies needed high budgets and a long time before launching new products. Now, the time is passing faster than ever, and low code is assisting companies in gaining strength despite this high speed. It has already become the key to software productivity. 

Launch your MVP faster

Low-code platforms like Kuika allow your product to meet the target audience quicker than traditional software development methods. With low code, you can create your minimum viable product (MVP) in a shorter time with less effort.

MVP is one of the most critical stages of the entire process to move on after earlier stages. Offering a functional experience, MVP helps you launch a product rapidly after the prototype stage. It’s a lifesaver, especially if you’re done with the basic features but stuck while considering the details of the product.

With an MVP, you can start your project and get feedback quickly to develop your product based on actual data. So, it can serve you to improve the product by enabling quick workflows with precise results. 

Beat the competition with Product-Market Fit

Does the market need your product ? 

When you identify a need in the market and bring a solution, that's product-market fit and helps you beat the competition. Market demand and the preference of your target audience will determine your success even when your product functions seamlessly. 

It always helps test the product to discover the target audience’s interest in your idea. Many companies may choose testing through a prototype as it’s pretty simpler to launch. However, a prototype doesn’t give an accurate insight into a product-market fit in most cases.

The low-code platform enables you to create and test the latest version of the product or an MVP in a shorter time to learn if it’s a good match in the market. In this way, you can collect actual data based on your project. 

Also, the test results may tell you to move away from your idea by showing a better opportunity. In this case, it’s easier to improve or amend features to satisfy the market demand using a low-code platform with a user-friendly interface. 

Overcome the talent shortage

Many companies need software development; however, a few have in-house developer teams. In today’s high demand for software, the talent shortage is a real problem. As a result, companies may need to delay their projects while trying to find professionals. 

On the other hand, the ideas are getting old quicker than ever. You need to take action immediately when you discover a need in the market. Traditional methods such as manually writing the code will also delay publishing your new project. It may mean missing the opportunities. 

Kuika’s experienced developers in various projects are ready to help you rock the market and seize the next opportunity with your great ideas. When you discover a gap in the market, there is no time to wait. 

Talk to our team using the forms fields on Kuika to accelerate the process and guarantee precision. We will be happy to contribute to finalizing your ROI-promising ideas.

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