How SMBs Use Kuika: Build Enterprise-Quality Apps in Hours

If you manage a small or medium-sized business, you can use Kuika's low-code platforms to build enterprise-level apps within only hours, saving costs and time.
How SMBs Use Kuika: Build Enterprise-Quality Apps in Hours

We designed Kuika low-code platform to function as a partner offering full support to SMBs in software development. As a result, companies can build their apps quickly with lower budgets when they code their app with Kuika rather than manually. 

Kuika is competent in building highly reliable, predictable, and repeatable apps critical for SMBs. Moreover, all these competencies come with a user-friendly interface and seamless customer service so that each employee can contribute to the app if needed.

What are enterprise applications?

First thing first. We claim a low-code software development platform that helps you build enterprise-quality apps. Then it’s on us to make our statement clear. 

Enterprise applications refer to software designed to solve a company’s problems, and they have become a core strategy to manage a business effectively while it’s digitally transforming. 

The most prominent features of enterprise applications are rooted in their being complex, scalable, component-based, distributed, and mission-critical. As a result, these apps are sophisticated enough to assist the workflows of SMBs or all-size businesses. 

So, when we say enterprise-quality apps, that’s what we mean.

Benefits of low-code for SMBs

How can SMBs get the advantage of these apps? 

Let’s be more specific about enterprise application benefits. These use cases of enterprise apps can guide you through your low-code software development process.

1. Overcome the talent shortage in your IT department

SMBs usually have limited IT departments in terms of team size and scope of operations. This is a cost-efficient choice as your SMB possibly does not need all the hustles that a big company undergoes. However, this situation also limits your ability to take new and quick steps in your digital transformation journey.

Thanks to Kuika, you can easily outsource your IT tasks to a talented team with expertise in various software development aspects. Kuika can develop your enterprise applications professionally while your in-house IT team tackles your usual business requirements. Kuika’s assistance will help you get over a common downside of having an SMB business: IT talent shortage.

2. Seize the opportunities with Kuika’s support

As the pace of digital transformation is as fast as greased lightning, new opportunities in the market are not always visible for most SMBs at first glance. Even if these opportunities are visible, your small and busy team will probably need help developing their ideas and accomplishing these opportunities.

The low-code framework that Kuika provides decreases the application development cycle and makes your business grow and adapt faster. If there is any new digital trend among the competitors, you can easily be informed about it and guided on how to implement it. 

With their agility, Kuika’s team is ready to guide you with any innovative ideas to boost the efficiency of your business.

3. Discover new revenue models

Do you want to know if you should change how you offer your products and services? Or maybe you know what to change but are not sure how to do it most profitably? Kuika’s low-code solutions can provide SMBs with novel revenue models.

For example, your service relies on a comprehensive payment system most suitable for the users who can handle the monthly bills of service, but you want to be appealing to low-budget young people as well. Kuika can help you code a new revenue model based on subscription and prepayment. 

Kuika can code innovative revenue models for you and consequently strengthen your bonds with your target customer segments. In the end, what matters is the target customer and how you provide value for them.

4. Improve your time to value

Never forget the importance of time to value for SMBs. You need satisfied customers to expand your business, and time to value is an indispensable indicator of customer satisfaction. 

If you provide value for them fast, you will:

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Get more loyal customers
  • Eventually, expand your customer base

Even if your services and products have impressive features, you might be suffering from poor onboarding and poor user-friendliness. This is a tricky situation in which you have a well-developed service with weak methods, resulting in a long time to value. Kuika would intervene to code an automated onboarding process in this case.

From small and effective touches to transforming ideas, Kuika can help you manage your time to value efficiently. Moreover, the flexibility Kuika provides enables you to break into the market earlier than the conventional SMBs.

The nimble team of Kuika can carry your business ahead in digital transformation. You can contact us to learn more about how to start creating your apps quickly.

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