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Visual Elements

You can use visual elements such as image and label while designing the application interface. Open the elements panel on the left side of the Designer view. Elements that you can use while designing the screen are listed in this panel. You can have the list displayed as grid or rows.

You can add any element in the panel to a screen by dragging and dropping it to the screen. You can make various adjustments by using the properties and styling panels on the right side.

You can use the label element for static or dynamic text displays consisting of a line or a paragraph. The Label element can move within the width of the parent element, or it can have a custom width/height and margins. You can use different styles for fields such as title or description field.

With the Image element, you can add images with static and dynamic content to the screen you are working with, and you can also use the Icon element in the interface design process.

There are chart elements to visualize the data. You can visualize data in the designs of screens such as dashboards and reports.

You can make parametric arrangements of the elements you add to the screen with the properties panel, and visual arrangements such as spaces, text, color, and shadow with the styling panel.

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