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Stripe Actions

You can sell products and/or services to your customers within the application you have prepared with Stripe integration. It is a powerful integration with options such as adding products, currency and automatic invoicing on your Stripe account. It is enough to add the Token Key that you will get from the Stripe manager screens to the configuration (Config Manager) settings you want to generate.

After the Stripe integration is complete, you can add stripe payment transactions to the relevant fields within the application.

Under the Systems Actions / Stripe category, there are actions for transactions such as receiving payment, canceling or refunding. Add the action you need and complete the process with parameter settings.

Open Stripe Payment Drawer

1.Capture Method

In this section, you can specify the process of receiving instant payment or blocking the account of the card used in the payment. With Prepayment, the relevant amount is transferred directly to your Stripe account when the payment transaction is approved by the application end user. With Reserve Funds, the payment made by the end user of the application is blocked on the card. This is mostly used for transactions or services that can be booked.

2.Single/Multi Part

You can distribute the payment received by the application end user. The distribution method can be a local account that you will prepare on Stripe, or the payment received can be divided into shares such as commission, supplier or distributor and transferred to the relevant user accounts. You can use the single option for local payment, and the multi option in cases where the received payment is transferred to more than one account.


You can specify in which currency the payment will be made. This currency must be the same as the currency in your Stripe settings.


In this section, data must be entered in cents.


In this section, data must be entered in cents.


You can add a description of the payment to be received from the application end user.

6.Multi-Part Config

If the payment will be directed to more than one account (with the Multi option), you can enter the relevant data in this section. If the payment will be transferred to a single account, this section can be set as Default - Empty.

7.Application Fee Amount

The amount specified here is transferred directly to the main account. If the amount entered in the Amount section and the amount here are different, the remaining difference is transferred to the account specified in the Destination section after the Stripe Fees are removed.


The ID of the other account created for payment transfer must be entered.

Capture Reserve Funds

If the Reserve Funds option is selected in the Open Stripe Payment Drawer action, you can enter data about it in this section.

1.Payment Intent (String - One)

The Open Stripe Payment Drawer represents the unique identifier returned as a result of the action and representing that payment.

2.Amount (String - One)

The amount here cannot be higher than the amount entered in the previous action (Open Stripe Payment Drawer), but can be lower. If the amount is determined to be lower than the amount in the previous action, the difference is refunded to the user.

Cancel Stripe Payment

If the card has been blocked for money transfer, the block can be canceled with this action.

Create Connected Account

With this action, you can create a sub-account for each multiple payment, unlike the master Stripe account. In order for these accounts to receive payment, you must complete the relevant transactions with the Generate Stripe Onboarding Link action.

1.Type (String - One)

One of the three account types must be entered in the Stripe documentation. Kuika uses the Express type. For details, you can check the Stripe Account Type https://stripe.com/docs/connect/accounts page.

2.Country (String - One)

Data entry must be made to match the data in the relevant Stripe account. The country name should be written as an abbreviation. Like DE, FR. You can find the list of countries where Stripe is available here (https://stripe.com/global).


The e-mail address to which the account will be linked must be entered.

Generate Stripe Onboarding Link

With this action, a URL is creaated for the account created in the Create Connected Account action. This URL should be passed to the user. When the user completes the information here, he can receive the payment. You can use the Stripe Connected Account Onboarding Status action to check whether the payment can be received.

Stripe Connected Account Onboarding Status

Shows True/False to check if the Connected Account can receive the payment.

Refund Stripe Payment

If a refund is requested after the money is transferred to the account, data entries are made and the transaction is completed. The refund amount cannot be more than the amount received.

Connect Account Payout

A certain amount of money can be transferred manually from the master Sprite account to the connected account. Money is transferred within Stripe. It is not transferred directly to your bank account. If the balance to be transferred is not sufficient in Stripe, money cannot be transferred.

Connect Account With Draw

Money sent to the connected account in Stripe can be transferred to the bank account of the account defined in Stripe.

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