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The title and message given as parameters in mobile applications are the action to send a notification message to the user, which is determined as the title and message of the notification and specified with the username given as the parameter. Unlike PushNotificationBroadcast, this action is used if you want to send notifications in scheduled jobs. A notification message is sent to the desired application with the appBundleId given as a parameter.

Select the element to add action. Select Notification > PushNotificationBroadcast action from the Properties panel Add action menu.

  • appBundleId: The bundleId of the application to be notified is written.
  • Title: The title of the notification to be sent is written.
  • Message: The content of the notification to be sent is written.
  • Username: Enter the user name to which the notification will be sent.
  • extraData: The desired note content is written about the notification and is not shown to this user.
  • Don't trigger validations

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