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Screen sizes vary depending on devices and usage areas. The correct display of a screen you have prepared on many device types is called responsiveness. A responsive screen displays its content in a different order in general dimensions such as web, tablet, and phone. For example, when we think of an e-commerce site, the product list is shown as 4 columns on the web, 2 columns on the tablet and a single column on the phone. A second example is that the relevant columns are stretched on tablets of different sizes depending on the screen width.

Kuika has Row/Column settings to help you with your screen designs. You can specify how the row element will act on which devices. You can set the same action in elements like Gallery view.


Each area we call screen in Kuika is a layout. By adding multiple elements to the open layout, that is, to the screen, you make your screen design. The screen is also a fundamental element. You can make edits and add comments about properties and styling panels on the screen.

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