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Preparing screens with CRUD Screen

Open the Screens panel new screen pop-up in DairyApp. Choose CRUD. Select Database and Table from the Datasources section. In the form layout section, select the opening type of the data entry screens. I will choose Drawer here. In the Options section, select the CRUD screens and properties to be created. If you want search and page number features on the list screen, activate the relevant options.

Header section is automatically added to automatically created screens. Select the menu screen you want to open with the menu icon button in this header section. If you haven't created a menu screen yet, you can connect the menu screen to this menu icon button with Actions > Navigation later as well. Then give a prefix to the screens to be created and create these screens. In a few seconds, the screens will be prepared by Kuika.

When we examine the list screen, we see that a list has been created in accordance with the data types we have added. In addition, the relevant actions for transitioning to other screens are defined with the Show, edit and delete buttons at the end of the lines in the list. Visual or functional changes can be made on these screens you have completed at any time.

You can add special actions for operations such as data entry, editing, and display with SQL Editor, and you can make changes on existing actions.

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