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Actions are activities that we describe what the application should do. Navigation actions are the most frequently used action types.

With navigation actions, you can switch between screens in your application and make a screen function as a pop-up or drawer.

We add actions to the screen and its elements with the properties panel. Select the element you want to add action to. The action list opens with the Add Action button. Let's explore the actions under Navigation. There are 2 different actions called Go back and Navigate.

Navigate is an action with multiple methods.

It opens the selected screen in the application with Current Screen.

With the New tab, it opens in the new browser tab, and with the New Window, it opens in the new browser window.

If you want a screen to open on the open screen, you can use a drawer. For example, they can be the content entry drawer on the list screen or a hamburger menu content in the mobile app. Drawers appear by sliding to the right, left, top or bottom of the open screen.

Modal, on the other hand, is the auxiliary window that opens in the middle of the open screen and in the size you specify. Information about a transaction confirmation or a content entry may be opened.

Go back is an action that you will use to return to the first screen from the second screen that opens when you press the button on the first screen. Thus, you will be back without re-executing the input actions of the first screen. We often use it to return from navigation screens such as pop-ups or drawers.

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