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Initial Preview and Release

In Kuika, you can preview the application's source code at almost every stage of the application development process by producing it in a short time. By clicking the Preview button, a preview can be taken with the default webPreview configuration. In this process, Kuika generates the end-to-end code of the application, including front-end and back-end, and publishes it on Kuika servers by default. You can test the live application. It will be enough to make the config settings to take it live.

The DairyApp application opens with the list screen. On the screen that opens, we display the list of logs that have been added. It is normal for it to be empty at the first stage, since there is no record in the database. You can use the New button to add new content. You can view, edit or delete the content with the buttons at the end of the added content.

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