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General Screens & Modes

Kuika is an all-in-one platform that will allow you to develop a mobile or web application end-to-end. It has many different views to assist you in the development process.


This is the screen where the applications found in the currently selected Workspace are listed.


There are screens where Users, Subscription and Transaction records are managed in the Workspace you own.


It is the main view mode where you design the interface of the web or mobile application and make the data connection. You can also use the following panels with Designer.

  • Elements
  • Screens
  • Custom Actions
  • Display Item Tree
  • Multi-language
  • Properties
  • Styling
  • Comments
  • Docs
  • History


In addition to ManagedDB, the local database connected to your Workspace, you can also use and manage MSSQL, Open or Swagger API and C# data sources in your applications.


You can use Workflow to develop applications with business processes.


Scheduled tasks such as sending report emails as excel or PDF can be added to your application at certain times. You can define the timing periods of these tasks with ScheduledJobs.

Notification Settings

You can send notifications to users of the application you have created. You can prepare email and SMS notification templates with Notification Template.

API Management

The application you develop ultimately becomes a data source. You can also use the API section when you want to add data queries from different systems.

Config Manager

You can make different definitions to publish your application on platforms such as Web, iOS and Android. You can also add details of user registration/login transactions such as Payment infrastructure, Map, Google/Apple/Facebook/ELDAP for the definitions you will prepare.

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