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Form screen data binding operations

On this screen, we will execute both new task entry and editing of the registered task. 

First of all, let's add the actions to be done when the screen is opened. We created a ScreenInput named prmID while going from the list screen to this screen. When the edit button is clicked on this List screen, it will get the ID of the task in the list while the screen opens. We should also add a data connection to the elements on the screen that opens with this ID. Other actions that we will run at the screen opening are the task detail and the task type. With AddActions, first select the SelectTodoByKey custom action. Here, it is sufficient to select the prmID that we add to the screen. Add SelectBoxTodoType as second action. So far, we have added the data tables that we want to call at the screen opening.

Now let's add the actions needed for the screen elements. Select the TaskName input element. Select TodoName under SelectTodoByKey using SymbolPicker from the Value section of the Properties panel.

Select the TextArea element we added for the task description. In the Value section, select TodoDesc from the SymbolPicker list.

For TaskType, select TodoTypeList with the same method, and To Date in the TodoDesc field.

We have enabled the data to be opened when using the screen to edit a task. Now let's continue with the save button. We will use the special action we added as SaveTodoItem in the Save button. We will add a GoBack navigation action so that it can return to the list screen after the data entered on the screen is saved. Select the Save button and add the SaveTodoItem from the Custom Actions list. Select the fields in the action detail with symbolPicker. Second, add the GoBack navigation action.

Finally, complete the GoBack navigation by clicking the close button in the upper right corner.

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