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You can change the body/fill colors of the elements or add a background image.


After selecting the element you want to fill with the body color, you can select the color and tone on the hue with the Color Picker opened in the fill section, and you can add the color you want with the HEX or RGB(A) code.


You can use the same color tone repeatedly in different elements by creating a style with Create a new style.

Image Library

You can add an image to the element's background. It supports formats such as JPG, PNG, SVG and XML. You can set the added background image with position options.


Depending on the size of the added background image, you can have it displayed repeatedly according to the screen/browser width.


You can determine the position of the picture you have added according to your needs from the Left, Center, Right, Top and Bottom options. Here, depending on the original size of the image, the display will differ depending on the screen/browser change.

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