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You can design the screens of mobile or web applications with the Designer view.

Open the application you want to design the interface. The application opens with the Designer view. In this view, you can add new elements to the screen with the panels on the left, and change the properties of these elements with the panels on the right.

The screen that is open is displayed in the middle area of ​​the Designer view. With the Screens panel, you can create new screens and organize these screens using Folders. If you are preparing a responsive screen design, you can use free or predefined options for the screen width. You can continue your design in the web, tablet, and phone view you have chosen.

Kuika has elements in different categories such as Containers, Data, Visual, and Input. You can add the relevant element from the Elements panel by dragging and dropping it to the screen.

You can view the hierarchy of the screen and its components with the Item Tree of the elements added to the screen.

You can also use the breadcrumb row on the bottom edge to help with this. In this area, you can view the parent and child status of the selected element. You can also view other elements and select the relevant element with one click.

When you select an element, the properties panel on the right side is used to edit its parameters. Properties content varies according to the selected element properties. Make sure that the screen is selected so that you can view the properties of the currently open screen. You can select the screen and set its properties by clicking the bottom edge or the outer area of the screen.

You can also make visual arrangements of the selected element on the screen with styling. We can cite features such as spaces, typography and borders as examples.

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