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Data Repeater

You can create screens such as customer or product list with data repeater elements.

Repeater elements represent each row in a data table according to the design structure. It duplicates the first section to show all rows in the table unless a specific number of impressions is specified. When you do all the adding and editing operations on this first section, the relevant element reproduces the same structure as many times as it will be repeated.

You can add Carousel, Horizontal Grid, Gallery View, Table and Flexgrid elements to the screen by drag and drop. Elements appear blank on the screen. You can add an element such as a label, an image in them, or if you will show a combination of content in the same column, you can start by adding the row from the carrier elements first.

While using repeater elements, you can arrange them according to UI elements suitable for mobile and web devices. You can position columns in a table side by side in your web project while turning them into cards on mobile. The same is applicable to the Gallery view repeater element. You can have the product list displayed as 4 columns on the web, 2 columns on the tablet, and one column on the mobile.

Repetitive elements are data-dependent. Repeater elements that are not data-connected will appear in the empty state when published to live.

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