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Data Binding

You can display the data in the database with data binding to screens such as list and detail display.

For example, let's bring the data from the database query result to the galleryview on the screen. You can directly add custom actions with the DataRepeater elements select query that you will use in such listings.

While the screen is selected, select the action with the select query you created from the Custom Actions list. Make the Galleryview element selected. Choose the data source that comes with the action you selected with screen actions from the Properties panel. We see the fields used in the Select query on the example screen. Add an image for the product image and a label element for the product name and price to be used on the product card. Select the Image element and select the image that comes with the data table in the properties panel value section, Productname for the product name, and ProductPrice for the product price.

When you preview the screen, if there is any previously entered data, it will be listed on the screen.

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