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Custom Actions

You can add different data sources to your application with the Kuika datasources view. Custom action is the custom action used with these data sources. You can add SQL queries for ManagedDB or an MSSQL database you will add. Functions defined with the API connection will still be listed as Custom Actions. In addition, the C# queries you will add are also included in this group. You can use the Datasources view to manage the related database and custom actions. You can edit the added actions and add new ones with the Custom Actions panel in the Design view.

You can manage custom actions in two different ways. You can prepare and edit special actions by opening the SQL editor with the actions list on the left side. The second method is to create the custom action with Query Builder. You can switch directly to Query Builder from both the New Actions menu and a selected query. With the Query Builder, you can view the tables, the visual layout where the relationships will be defined, the rules, and the area where the query is located.

You can use the Add Actions list of the Properties panel to add custom actions to the selected element.

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