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CRUD Screens

With CRUD screen, you can generate Create, Read, Update and Delete screens connected to your database with a few clicks.

Let's examine the details of the CRUD screen creation process. Open the New screen window from the Screens panel. Select CRUD from the left edge. When creating CRUD screens, we use the options under the DataSource, FormLayout and Options headings.

In DataSource, you can create actions from data tables or use saved actions. When Create actions by table is selected, select the Database and Table to be used for CRUD.

With form layout, you can specify the properties of the form screen where data will be entered on the relevant table. The form screen can be a drawer, pop-up, or a direct screen. You can also choose how many columns this screen will include.

With Options, you can set the screens to be created and the details of these screens. With the hamburger icon in the header added to the automatically created screens, you can select the menu screen that you want to be opened by sliding from the left. If the menu screen is not ready yet, you can add it later at any time.

By giving a prefix name to CRUD screens, you can create ready-to-use screens from databases in a few seconds.

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