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Creation of data tables

In the application development process section, we will first create the data table. Then we will prepare the Custom Actions that we will use for the data connection with the SQL editor.

We will create 2 different data tables in the task application. The first will contain the information to hold the actual mission data, while the second will be recording the mission type. Thus, we will also save the task types in a database, and we will be able to update them.

Open the Datasources panel. Create a new table under ManagedDB. Since we will connect the task type table to the task table, we first start with the Task type table. Name the table TodoType. Add a mandatory column with the column name Type and data type String. If you want to add an icon or image depending on the task type, you can also add it in the Image column. Save the task type table. Create a new table named task. Add a mandatory 400-character column called ToDoName, whose type is string. Add another 250-character non-mandatory column whose type is string and name, TodoDesc. Add another table named Duedate with type datetime. Finally, add another column called ToDoTypeList. But here, select the ToDoType table we just created. Complete the process by saving the table.

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