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Creating new app

When you log in to the Kuika platform, the system welcomes you with the screen where the applications are listed. The apps you have worked on recently are listed. You can list favorites, your apps, and all applications created in the workspace.

To create a new app, click the “Add new app” button. Type the application name in the pop-up. Choose the type that suits your application. You can create web and mobile applications in Kuika.

The differences between web and mobile applications are;

  1. Functions within the application vary with device-based features. For example, you can consider mobile-specific features, such as making a phone call.
  2. There are many drag-and-drop elements to assist you in your application development process. A small part of them is specific to the platform on which the application is launched. Although one element is shared, the properties of some of them vary according to the device type. For example, a list is displayed with pages on the web but by infinite scrolling on mobile.
  3. In addition, the app you developed in accordance with the selected type opens as mobile or web-sized screens. Add an application-specific description and create the application. You can start developing immediately by opening the application in the Designer environment.

To edit the application settings, open the edit window from the context menu. The application type can be selected while creating the new application. You cannot make changes afterward. The selected application type is also displayed on the editing screen. Change the Name and/or description of the application and save it.

To duplicate the application you created, open the duplicate window from the context menu. Type and save the name for the new copy application.

You can use the delete window again from the context menu to delete the application.

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