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Config Manager

Kuika is a code generator.

It generates codes as if they are done by programmers. As the code of the application you have prepared are being generated, the platforms where the application will be used, and the settings such as map, user registration or payment integration are defined with the config manager. When you click the Preview button, it generates the code depending on the selected configuration. We use the Config manager for the preset definitions during the development process of the application, while we use the preview button for the generate function of the application. You can use your pre-defined settings for web and mobile devices both in the preview and application release process. For code generation, ReactJS technology is used for web, SwiftUI for iOS, Kotlin for Android, and .NetCore for Backend. The produced application is independent of operating systems, it can be run on any operating system. Thanks to SwiftUI and Kotlin technologies, mobile applications that are produced are native apps. Unlike alternative low-code platforms, Kuika allows applications produced with Kuika to be installed on-premise, that is, to run on your own servers. Another distinctive feature of Kuika is the ability to download the source code of the developed application.

Open the Config Manager view. You can prepare a config presetting for iOS, Android or API. Create a new presetting for iOS. You can add the necessary information for app stores for mobile devices. Each config has their application release details, password rules, payment infrastructure connection, map integration, notification sending and setting fields where you can login with platforms such as Google, Facebook, Apple and LDAP.

After completing the relevant settings, save the configuration with create. Saved configs are listed on the left side. You can review or edit its details by selecting one from the list.

You can use the prepared Configs in different combinations during the preview.

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