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You can add lines to the outer edges and give corner bevels. You can specify the color of the border lines you add and adjust the thickness. You can save the Border style you created in the Custom Style section and use it on different screens or by adding it with Load Style on the same screen. You can edit, duplicate and delete border styles that you have created at any time.


You can use it to round the corners of your selected element. You can enter different rounding values ​​for all vertices or for each vertex.


The field where you specify the type of border around an element. The edges can be straight, incised or dotted.


Width is the area where you specify the thickness of the border around an element. With the values ​​you have entered in the top, bottom, right and left fields, you can determine how much thickness you want in which part.


You can specify the color and opacity for an element's border. You can choose your color by entering the hex code, entering the RGB values, or from the color picker.

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